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Welcome to the Double Brain And Body Power website!

"We are glad you are here. This is the home page for H.P.E., an extraordinary approach that can increase abilities quickly. A brief introduction follows. We welcome questions that may become articles to help others. You will find unique information here for improving brain power, exercise and nutrition, health, personal development, and even a bit of humor. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay. Thank you for visiting with us." - Mark Cammack

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What would life be like if we can learn faster and easier? What would happen if we can improve our performance and health in a sound way? How does a person overcome adversity?

Answers to such questions were sought from educators, scientists, world class sports persons, and others. Some told me that they had never considered such concepts. The insightful people who performed the best often had the best suggestions. It is useful advice and moving in the right direction. We still require full knowledge to use immediately for results, though. A complete system with the needed factors was finally created. This took many years to do. It led to a successful year-long test with special academic and athletic equipment.

On this website you will find information covering healthy brain and body performance. Some of the things that can affect abilities may surprise you. For example, both chemical and material objects in everyday home, school, and work environments can either enhance or diminish mental and physical capacity. Even a single item might have a minor to major impact on well-being. Many things may have either immediate or long-term positive or negative effects. By being aware of what is happening, we have the opportunity to modify the environment for a better, healthier, happier outcome.

The ever-growing Articles section has helpful material. It covers brain and body functioning, fitness, positive psychology, toxicology, longevity, nutrition, and the conditions that promote giftedness and youthfulness. There are tips for dealing with health clubs, elite level gyms, vitamin stores, schools, and importantly we look at accelerated learning. I believe a complete mind-body-environment approach is essential to perform and live well.

A visitor from Texas said they found the articles here to be entertaining and thought-provoking. I hope you also find them enjoyable and meaningful.

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