Double Brain And Body Power

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This website exists to provide quality information for your achievement and health. If you are interested in personal development or methods to reach your full potential, you have come to the right place.

The story began a long time ago as a curious little boy wondered how things work. He peered inside the cases of mechanical and electrical items. He looked at the parts of radios, televisions, and anything with a gear or lever. Chemistry sets and Pontiac GTO sports car engines were discovered as a youth. By making changes to the items and environments shifts in performance happened. Sometimes these changes occurred rapidly. The efficiency could go up or down.

The determined young man studied exercise, nutrition, ways of training the brain, and then human functioning and psychology in college. The body was a grand experiment. By altering important factors, athletic ability and muscle would result and academic learning was faster. Yet, even more understanding was needed...

He gained insight from high achievers in many fields including sport, science, and business. Each person shared unique ideas for reaching goals. Observations led to outcomes. Patterns emerged that clearly revealed why people succeeded or not. The changes in specific environments had a tremendous effect. It was only when a complete view was taken that a person could improve dramatically.

Ultimately, the decades of ideas and experience formed a system that needed to be tested. The fellow, now a man, decided to put everything he knew into a performance test. He engineered physical training equipment and assembled a special computer that was required. He put into place all the special environmental dynamics he believed in. The full-scale test lasted for an entire year. The results were remarkable: The system worked and worked well!

The outcome was an innovative way of brain and body performance leading to achievement. The results are H.P.E. and the G.E.N.I.U.S. system.

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