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What is H.P.E.?

The brief answer is that we look at factors that can affect a person's performance and abilites. Then we modify them for the benefit of the person. While good, this is not simply a combination of exercise, nutrition, and positive thinking. H.P.E. looks at the total person in the total environment, and at least 19 factors. H.P.E can be useful for serious or amateur athletes, business persons, professionals, students, and by anyone devoted to personal development and goal attainment.

The formal definition is H.P.E. is Human Performance Environmentology, the study and use of inputs, affectors, and environments, both internal and external to the person, that affect human functioning and performance, for the purpose of developing a person so that they may reach goals in a positive healthy way.

What is G.E.N.I.U.S.?

The brief answer is G.E.N.I.U.S. is a system that is part of H.P.E. It is designed for all-out performance when goals have to be reached. It is the full use of all affectors and environments in a dedicated effort to maximize a person's abilities rapidly.

The formal definition is G.E.N.I.U.S. is the Generated Environmental Neural Intelligence Unlimited System. Encompassing the total person in the total environment, defines any factor that affects a person as an input, and an environment as both internal and external milieu from which inputs emanate. Provides a high performance means of accelerated learning and ability resulting from maximizing environmental factors and inputs, introducing novel stimuli, and eliminating harmful environments and inputs.

What is Person Building?

Person Building is simply the development of mind, body, and character in a healthy way. The emphasis is on the building-up of the best qualities in people. Some persons choose to build only their bodies or only their minds. Person Building is about becoming a fully developed human being. It may be used by persons of any age to reach goals and find enjoyment.

Answers To Questions From Guests

A college professor from Kentucky asked about the website,”Is it associated with any religion?”

I thought what a strange question. Nonetheless, the answer is no, the website is not associated with any religious or political endeavor. (2018).

"Hi Neighbor! Is it about greatness?"

I heard a public speaker who was also a reverend a few times during the holiday season of 2018 and approaching New Year of 2019. This was in Florida. Ads and banners proclaimed being caring to others with slogans like Everyone Loved. The gentleman was initially reminiscent of Mister Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood fame. I have always had an admiration for Fred Rogers. He promoted learning and growth in a thoughtful way while being a kind person. His show was about becoming an understanding and developed human being. It was in this hope that I went.

The Florida lecturer introduced himself and requested my contact information. Following this things changed. The next presentation was more like a demotivational speech with some mentioning of our communication. Being average was promoted and goal achievement was looked upon with skepticism.

"I would like to have a talk with you," the tall fellow said in seriousness.
"That would be nice. I look forward to it," I replied with a smile.

He never followed up, but his comment about "everyone wanting to be great" needs to be addressed. H.P.E. is not about ego, far from it. H.P.E. began as a desire to reach needed goals in life through positive means. It promotes human development in a healthy way while being aware of the power of environments and neural affectors. There is nothing special in me, but something very special happens when we create technology and surroundings that support us. Perhaps the best place to be is in a friendly neighborhood with a kind person who is glad we are there.

"You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind" - Fred Rogers

"What can I do to improve attention?" asked the fellow working in the grocery in Texas. We had a pleasant talk and I promised him an article for informational purposes. It covers many things that can affect our focus and brain functioning. It may be of interest to those with attention deficit or ADD/ADHD concerns. Here is Attention All! Improve Mental Focus And Avoid EDD! If you are wondering about the legitimacy of ADD, if giftedness is involved, and how this all came about, we ask the question Are Disorders Invented And Have We Been Wickerdoodled? References are included in both articles. (Aug. 2019).

"What do you think [about this vitamin supplement]?" asked Max from the Ukraine. We had been carrying on a conversation about life, making smart choices, exercise, and nutrition. Max had come across a multi-pack vitamin supplement on the Internet. What follows is the answer that can help anyone make good vitamin choices in How To Get Quality Vitamin Supplements. (Sept. 2019).

"Do you have an article on adrenals?" inquired Gigi from Texas. We were having a health discussion covering many topics. Here it is covering stress, adrenals, nutrition, psychology and much more in How To Alleviate Stress & Help Adrenal Ability. (Sept. 2019).

"What do you get for doing all that?" asked Charlie from Dallas, Texas. Charlie was surprised to hear that anyone can send in a question and some articles are based on them. He did not expect that a single full length write-up can take between 10 to 60 hours each. This is to do all the writing, editing, research, graphics, and coding. The website does not have intrusive pop-up ads. The answer is that it is not about what I can get but rather what I can give. People have said thank you in appreciation. Two persons have stated that their doctors believed the combined health information and physical exercise saved their lives. If you find the website helpful please tell your friends about it. (Oct. 2019).

A Nice Letter & Questions  (Nov. 2019):

Hello Mark

I hope you are wonderful.

Many thanks for the helpful and fruitful article. I have learned new things especially about building muscles. I did not know that muscles can burn fat. It was so interesting. I used to go to TRX but unfortunately, my coach has gone from the gym... I go to belly-dance class every Saturday and Monday and circling my hula hoop and Push-up (80 times) almost every day at home. Do you think that I have to go to the gym for bodybuilding or these kinds of exercises are enough?

I am trying to eliminate processed sugar. But too difficult ;)

Yes, good people with a positive and strong personality like you absorb nice people like them.

Have a great day

Warm regards


Hello Elham,

Thank you for the kind comments. Receiving letters like this make writing the articles worthwhile. Click the following link for the answer to Do you think I have to go to the gym for bodybuilding? What about sugar?.

Best wishes,
Mark Cammack

Kelley from Reno, Nevada writes regarding Why Does This Vitamin Taste & Smell Like Detergent?   (April 2020):

I just want to thank you for your aritcle about Nature's Way New square bottles.. I think it was dec that I called Nature's Way and said, your capsules, since you started using the square bottles, have a perfume smell, which is in all 4 of the different supplements I have. Their reply was "It is not the capsules, It's the bottles, and that they are working to correct the issue, and that the supplements are not affected and are safe to take."

...I did not feel that they were safe, because the perfume smell also caused a change in the taste of powder inside capsule.

I accidently ordered a couple NW products, recently, ... the problem still exists. Your article makes perfect sense. Thank you for posting it, so consumers will be aware.


Hello Kelley,

How is everything in Reno?

Thank you for writing in regarding the "Why Does This Vitamin Taste And Smell Like Detergent?" article. I appreciate you mentioning your experience. We were all a bit surprised with the new fragranced vitamins. Hopefully sharing the information will be of benefit to others.

Best regards,
Mark Cammack

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