Double Brain And Body Power

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How To Double Brain And Body Power: A Remarkable Improvement Method gives you the information needed to rapidly increase performance.

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Building upon knowledge gained from leading scientists and world class athletes, the author adds his own 35 years of training experience, study, and insight. With a custom computer and unique equipment, a new revolutionary program was tested for one year. Using the techniques in this book, 27 undergraduate and graduate courses from top universities were completed with a 99.4 grade average. Athletic ability increased up to 5.9 times over the initial rate.

The result is HPE: a powerful effective approach to reaching goals. It can benefit anyone who wants to succeed. If you need to build or become a high performance person, use this book as a guide.

Can you pass the performance test?

Do you know:

The 19 factors that are needed for human performance?
What affectors are and how they affect you?
The secrets that NASA astronauts have to performance?
The 5 things the best race car drivers master that can work for you?
The way to get top grades?
How to learn any subject fast?
What to do and avoid that can dramatically boost ability?
How to go from being an average to amazing performer?

Unique information
Tested program
Expert knowledge
222 pages
28 color photos
69 images

The second edition will be available soon! Thank you for your inquiries!

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