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The Power Of A Complete Environment

by Mark Cammack    June 26, 2018

Two gentlemen in business suits performing a high five hand gesture in celebration of success.

"Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach." - John W. Gardner

Improvement. The word embodies what many of us seek. Whatever our field, we desire to look, feel, and perform better. Let us view three different settings that exemplify areas of interest.

Imagine an ideal performance car. What is the one thing that allows it to give a stellar experience? Take a moment, and then the realization that the question is limited probably becomes apparent. We could not win the Indy 500 race with one piece of technology. We would not even have a running vehicle. There are many visible and not-so-obvious factors that encompass the driver, car, track, and environment that make for an incredible outcome.

Think of your favorite successful athlete or team. Dare I ask the one thing question again? Of course that would seem silly. You might even envision a lone basketball, tennis racket, or golf club residing on a desolate court or course. Even if it is the best item in the world, there is no action without interaction.

Consider your most cherished artist, musician, actor, or scientist as the case may be. Broaching the one thing question is now redundant. You may say that the individual put in years of study and practice with acclaimed persons or schools. They were in or created an environment that nurtured ability. They sacrificed and gave their best so that others may appreciate the performance. All of these things may be true.

The reason for these examples is that the one thing or even a few things questions are commonly asked. This is usually done when an individual, or group such as an athletic team or business, desires improvement. There are times that making a single change makes a significant difference. Possibilities are full-spectrum lights to energize a sleepy office, increased protein intake to gain muscle in an underweight athlete, or high-quality sunglasses for finer visual clarity for the sun dazed driver or golfer.

What is usually required for significant advancement is looking at the complete environment. This approach values everything that could affect performance. It ranges in size from the small to the large in regards to what can impact the functioning of the person. This includes the biological cell of an individual up to the intricacies of the classroom, office building, indoor court, and outdoor course. Every factor that affects performance counts. These are not always readily apparent, but may be found when observing the surroundings thoroughly.

When this is done, we may implement all of what we learn to supremely improve the environment, abilities, and ourselves. It works in holistic synergy as the combined total has a result proportionally greater than single changes. This is how to create a winning race car and driver, athlete, academic, or performer in many fields. This is what Human Performance Environmentology does.


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© Copyright 2018-2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.