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The Power Of The Wave

by Mark Cammack    March 27, 2019

Man in black wet suit surfing on large blue wave at Croyde Bay, Croyde, UK

A skilled surfer interacts well with the environment to get the best results. Water carries energy and information as waves.

Energy and information come to us in the form of waves. We never touch reality directly. Life is experienced through our senses as we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. By understanding the meaning of the wave, we can have the ability to achieve in many areas.

As we look at the beautiful blue ocean in the photo, there is more than meets the eye. The water appears blue when light frequencies are interpreted by our brains as being blue. Light is a form of energy and information that comes to us as a colorless wave. Everything out there with all its beauty and curiosity becomes colorized by our brains as it processes frequencies. We are constantly creating our own representations of the world. It is a uniquely human way of viewing life. Part of our vision has blind spots, and our brain kindly completes that picture for us as well!

A radio can be tuned to a frequency to receive radio waves. If what we hear is clear, we say the receiver is selective and set on one frequency. There is no drifting away from the channel or interference. The information that comes through is understandable without distraction. This is similar to seeing a single object such as a nice sea green surfboard. For beginners, it may be attentively listening to the surf instructor now so that we do not need to call the lifeguard later.

We could make an untuned radio receiver that picks up all nearby signals at once. This is like a beach party with many people talking and laughing at the same time. As we mingle, various conversations fade in and out. In the background a surf music band and the sounds of the ocean are heard. A nearby parking area has a sweet rumble as someone starts up their classic 1965 Pontiac GTO car. We experience many waves from all directions at the beach.

Whether we see or hear talking, music, a classic car, an instructor, a lifeguard, or nature, all provide information. If we come across a pessimistic rant, we may have lowered happiness or performance levels as a result. Optimism and cheerful music might leave us in a better state. All of this is carried in the form of waves. Our brains are receivers of information. That is why we need to be selective. What we tune into and focus on may be what we become.

A surfer learns to improve by working with waves. They literally glide on information and energy. They keep their minds focused. To not do so means to risk having a wipeout and falling off the board. Many will say that surfing brings joy as they have a positive experience. This is what we can strive to do as we ride the waves of life. This is what we must do if we are to approach our full potential.

To understand waves, frequencies, information, and energy is to understand the basis of human performance, achievement, and aspects of health. It is to realize how the world works and the way we work in it. The surfers say Catch a wave! and it is good advice. Waves bring us our wonderful world.

Surf's up!


Picture adapted by author from photo generously provided by Nathan Hill-Haimes.

© Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.