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What We Believe: The Philosophy Of H.P.E.

by Mark Cammack    May 29, 2018

Curious cat looking outside of an antique travel chest in a beautiful meadow

We emphasize creativity over conformity. If we desire to find solutions that will benefit others, we must be creative. We look and think outside of the box.

The words Good Vibes Only written in the sand at the beach.The ocean is nearby.

Environments can create success. A person is part of their surroundings. Every factor should be considered and none overlooked. We believe in positive, healthy, performance promoting environs.

Beautiful lady with gorgeous smile

We believe that what we do should bring happiness to others and ourselves. When this is done, performance can also improve. It is a win-win victory.

The words Good Idea written in chalk on a chalk board

We believe in developing ourselves so that we can better serve others. Knowledge or skill is only good if you do good with it.

Item being assembled on workbench with pair of hands holding screwdriver

We are builders of systems that enhance performance and life abilities. A key is to do only that which builds and helps someone else. When you help others, your own life is better.

Group of people in circle touching hands in mutual support

We believe that the power of the individual contributes to a stronger team. We are all different so that we can meet the needs of each other.

Blonde haired lady facing the ocean while holding up a flag that has the word freedom on it

We believe in the freedom of ideas, not bureaucracy.

Athletic brunette lady with ponytail scaling a mountainside cliff with rappelling gear. The sun is in the background.