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OC Auto Care

by Mark Cammack    September 18, 2019

Image of the green and white OC Auto Care building and white concrete lot showing three garage bay doors and two classic cars parked in front. The cars are a green 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 440 engine and a light blue Chevy Impala with a 409 emblem. A blue electric guitar rests on the side of the Impala. There are three vintage signs on the building that say Eat at Big Drag's Pit Stop with a hamburger image, Risky Cams has a camshaft photo, and Auto Repair Speed Shop with a custom car drawing. OC Auto Care has the slogan When we're through, your car will look brand new.

OC Auto Care: "When we're through, your car will look brand new!"

Are you looking for the best mechanics in town? We go above and beyond your expectations. No matter what it takes, we get the job done and then some. We will go over every nook and cranny of your car to make it look flawless and run strong. Or shop is kept perfectly clean by our family owned company OC Cleaners. There is no grease or grime here! Our tools, parts, and your car are always neat and spotless. We do quality body work, auto painting, restorations, engine overhauls, alignments, and tuning. Let our lazy competitors call us obsessive-compulsive, we like being and giving you our best! Check out our perfect 5-star ratings!

Hear what our customers have to say in their own words.

Image of a bearded man with eyes closed and smiling gleefully in success. He is wearing a dark red long sleeve top and standing between Pontiac and Chevrolet signs.

Henry Hornblaster of Honeywagon Beach

"I was driving a rusty ramshackle 1956 Chevy. Everywhere I went, people would look and point and say,"There's that Honeywagon guy." It was embarrassing. Then I took my old car to OC Auto. Only one week later, I could not believe my eyes. When I arrived, they told me,"We just couldn't help ourselves. A lot of good parts at a great price just came in. We made a few little changes to your car, and it will cost no more than all the repairs you needed." Then they handed me the keys to a great looking Mercedes Benz Sport Coupe. OC Auto had changed out every old part for a new one. They are amazing!"

Picture of a rusty old 1956 Chevy car and a new looking silver-grey Mercedes Benz. The front license plate on the Mercedes says OC Auto in bright red letters

Henry's car before and after

Picture of a lady with a big smile. She has long light brown hair and is wearing a blue cap. Her white long sleeve shirt has the large blue letters GTO on the front. She is standing in the OC Auto Care parking lot and to the right is her sparkling clean blue 1967 Pontiac GTO. The car hood is up and reveals a 421 engine with three carburetors.

Sandy Scrapehill of Shark City and her 1967 Pontiac GTO

"It was midnight and my work shift was over. My GTO's 421 engine with three carburetors barely started and ran rough. I knew it wouldn't make it all the way home. All the auto shops were closed except OC Auto. They were still working away, and gladly saw me. It was only a broken rubber vacuum hose, but I was ready to go before 1 AM with a fully cleaned engine and car too. Thank you OC Auto!"

Picture of an older bald man, Uncle Joe, and his smiling younger brown haired nephew Terry

Uncle Joe & Terry Takeoff of Oceanslide

"Uncle Joe was getting ready to retire and close his auto shop. He said he had a classic supercar as a gift for me. I was thrilled until I saw it. The poor '67 Firebird with its custom built 500 horsepower 428 Ram Air engine hadn't been started in years. The faded blue body was really rusty. The doors squeaked along with a couple of mice that were living in it. The only part that didn't make a noise was the horn.

Uncle Joe was always playing jokes on us. I thought he had done it again. Then he said he was going to have a friend do a little work on the car. He didn't tell us his pal owned OC Auto. A couple of weeks later Uncle Joe took me to get the Firebird. I only saw a nice red Pontiac convertible sitting on the lot. That old car he gave me was nowhere to be seen. I asked, "Where is it?" "That's it," said Uncle Joe with a smile. I almost fainted. My gosh, those guys and gals at OC Auto can do miracles! Thanks Uncle Joe and OC Auto!"

Terry's 1967 Firebird before and after

At OC Auto we can do it all! Stop by or give us a call!


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© Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.