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OC Cleaners

by Mark Cammack    September 7, 2019

Picture of a clean white van that says on the outside in red letters OC Cleaners Everything Polished to Perfection

Do you want your house or car really clean? Have other companies missed a spot or two? We won't! At OC Cleaners we feel that we have to do it right. No matter what, time after time, we make sure your needs are met. We stay however long it takes to do the job. While our competitors go over things once and get out fast, we know you will appreciate our 10X policy. We don't just double or triple check, we verify it all at least 10 times. Rest assured every nook, cranny, and doorknob will be polished perfectly. Some say we are obsessive-compulsive, we call it perfection!

The image to the left shows a messy combined bedroom and study room. Clothes and items are strewn everywhere. A RAMONES music poster is on the wall that says GABBA GABBA HEY! The photo to the right shows the room as highly organized and clean. The RAMONES poster has been replaced with one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This room was a chaotic mess and really needed scrubbing and organizing. We did a little remodeling and a lot of housework. Just look at how clean and orderly it is now!

Picture of a bright yellow van with words in red that say OC Pet Care, Cat & Dog Grooming, We never miss a Spot

While we are cleaning your home or car, our sister company, OC Pet Care can bathe and groom your pets. They never miss a Spot!

The Before picture to the left is of a shaggy white haired medium-sized dog that is dirty from being outside. The After photo is of a clean hairless white tiny dog

Just look at the dirt on this poor pooch on the left! On the right we see the same dog! Amazing, isn't it? After only six hours of dedicated cleaning and grooming, it is bright white and happy again!

Call us today at 1-Gotta-Clean! That's OC Cleaners at 1-Gotta-Clean. Did you get the number 1-Gotta-Clean? That's right it is 1-Gotta-Clean. Are you sure? 1-Gotta-Clean. Make sure you have it, it is...
Business hours: 7 AM to 3 AM every day.

Picture of a smiling happy lady in an OC Cleaners outfit wearing yellow gloves, yellow eye protectors, and holding a mop handle

"OC Cleaners - We Live To Clean"


OC Cleaners Van, OC Pet Care Van, Messy & Clean Room, Before & After Dog, and Delighted Cleaning Lady are derived works with the RAMONES Parody Poster being created by author. All are © Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.

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© Copyright 2019 Mark Cammack. All rights reserved.